About Brooke

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Who am I?

I'm Brooke, I'm mom to a kid with Celiac and I am non-Celiac gluten intolerant. I am a former elementary school teacher and a certified Holistic Nutritionist through the American Academy of Fitness Professionals.

I love food!  I love to cook it, talk about it, research it and eat it!  I love how real food (unprocessed food) has amazing benefits for our bodies.  I find myself talking about food with anyone I meet.  It’s something we all have in common!

Why did you start Aloha Gluten Free?

I started Aloha Gluten Free because I long to empower kids with gluten free diets to become independent. I believe that learning to cook is the biggest step a kid can take to becoming independent eaters. 

When did you go gluten free?

My son was diagnosed with Celiac in 2011 at age 5, and there we began our gluten and dairy free journey. 


Unfortunately, the first few years were filled with lots of tears and frustrations trying to find food that my family would eat that was also gluten and dairy free.  I was used to cooking with mixes, flour and milk and buying bags of premade food.  Suddenly I was on my own to figure out how to feed my family.

My son kept getting sick even though we thought we were avoiding gluten and dairy.  So I continued to learn about hidden sources of gluten and how to avoid cross contamination. After a particularly hard year we decided that our house would be dedicated gluten free. 

Truly eliminating gluten, combined with the help of some amazing functional medicine doctors, and we’re all healthy and energetic and love our gluten and dairy free life. 

Why do you focus on coaching kids?

I believe that our job as parents isn’t to pave the way for our kids, but to teach them to walk along the path.

My elementary school teaching background helps me understand how kids learn and how to explain difficult things.  It has given me the tools to come up with developmentally appropriate lessons for every age. I teach kids to cook, what great things the nutritious food is doing for their health and also to deal with their new diet: what to eat, what to avoid, how to tell their friends and teachers and how to say no to foods that will hurt them. 

As my son got older I empowered him with the tools to cook, read labels and know what needs to happen to food to avoid cross contamination.  Now he is completely comfortable cooking for himself, knowing what he can eat and how to tell others without embarrassment or regret.

Are you glad you had to go gluten free?

A Celiac, autism or other diagnosis is arduous, but it can be a blessing as it’s a great opportunity to change your whole family’s diet away from processed food to real food full of nutrients that build your body up. 

Why ‘Aloha’? 

Aloha means hello, goodbye and love.  Let me help you say goodbye to gluten, hello to real food and love your new delicious and nutritious diet.

Random Facts

I love Jesus. He is the source of all the good in me and that comes through me. He is my strength, joy, hope and love.

When I’m not coaching you’ll find me cooking, planning meals, geeking out on nutrition research, being a mom to two awesome middle schoolers, and enjoying the amazing outdoors.

​10% of all proceeds go to helping children around the world have nutritious food, clean water and education through Compassion International.



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