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Top 10 Simple Gluten and Dairy Free Dinners

Here's my top 10 Simple Gluten and Dairy Free Meals.

My requirements for a simple meal:

  1. I can put out the recipe and anyone in the family can follow it and make dinner.

  2. It does not include any 'weird' ingredients, in other words I can easily find the ingredients at any grocery store.

  3. It takes less than 30 minutes of hands on time.

  4. My family actually likes it

  5. It is nutritious, providing my family with all the amazing nutrients that real food provides

Note: I further simplify most of these recipes, changing out some hard to find ingredients with easy to find ones, or what I have on hand. And if they're Paleo recipes we usually add some whole grains or corn tortillas because we believe in eating unprocessed carbs. (They're yummy, make me happy and have been eaten as part of healthy diet for thousands of years.)

Here it goes: (I'm going backwards in honor of the old David Letterman top 10, but instead of being funny, it's delicious.)

#10: One Pan Roasted Squash, Apple and Sausage


#9: Chicken Pad Thai

Use up any leftover meat, plus add whatever veggies are starting to wilt in your fridge.


#8: Pizza Stir Fry

Because it's tastes like pizza, but is actually veggies.


#7 Chinese Chicken Salad

You can make this one up to a day ahead. Perfect for the evenings you know will be busy.

Tip: Buy a rotisserie chicken (Costco is safe for my celiac kid) and shred it ahead of time. I keep Ziplocks of it in my freezer.


#6 Chicken Bacon Ranch Sweet Potato Bake

You can make it without the bacon, but as my son says, "WHY!?!"


#5 Chicken Fajitas https://www.paleoplan.com/recipes/paleo-chicken-poultry-recipes/chicken-fajitas-with-guacamole/

#4 Grain Free Mini Pizzas

These delicious mini pizzas are on circles of butternut squash. Try it on zucchini slices!


#3 Balsamic Arugula Beet Salad

This is a family favorite!

Tip: Try fresh pomegranate aerials, sliced grapes or dried cranberries if your crew doesn't like beets.

Nutrition Geek Note: Arugula has the most Nitric Oxide (great for heart, blood pressure and athletic performance) of any food!


#2 Instant Pot Refried Beans


Ok, so it's not a meal by itself, but add a veggie, some corn tortillas and smashed avocado/guacamole and you've got a meal.

Prep Note: You have to plan ahead for this, but the hands on time is short.

Nutrition Geek Note: Pinto beans are rich in fiber, protein, iron and magnesium!

Plus, every time I go somewhere for dinner or potluck I get asked, "Brooke, are you bringing beans?" Everyone loves the beans!

#1 Eggs and Toast

It's faster than a drive through and more nutritious than a frozen meal!

Just put a piece of gluten free bread in the toaster, cook an egg and throw it on top. Serve whatever fruit or veggies you have with it on the side and you've got a complete meal in less than 10 minutes.

Try these variations to switch it up and add extra nutrition:

* Sauté a slice of tomato with your egg

* Add sliced avocado

* Top with salsa

* Use a corn tortilla instead of toast and make it an egg taco

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