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Your Gluten Free Kid Can't Cook? Start with This!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Rice! It's a staple in many places around the world, is naturally gluten and dairy free, is simple to make, and is a great way to start your kids in the kitchen and on the road to healthy, independent eating.

Teach your child one of these simple ways to make rice and let him/her be the family expert on rice. It's empowering to be the expert on something, so give your child the gift of being the best at rice. Bonus, your meal prep will be easier, you'll have a buddy in the kitchen and you'll never have to make rice again!

Our family's favorite type of rice is what the local Hawai'ians refer to as 'Hapa Rice', which is half brown and half white. The brown rice has more nutrients which keeps mama happy and the white rice is sweeter and softer, which keeps everyone else happy. You can cook this almost exactly the same as white rice. Just try to buy both types of rice with the same length grain (short, medium or long). And add a couple minutes to your stove top cook time.

My favorite method is using an Instant Pot, it has the least hands on time and more consistently cooks well.

To rinse or not to rinse? The age old question that has a million different answers. Here's a site you can read if you'd like to make an informed decision. Reasons You Should Wash Your Rice And Reasons You Shouldn't (mashed.com). If you're not an overthinker than I'm jealous, and just make the rice however you want and enjoy it!

Tip: Different varieties of rice have different rice to water ratios. Make sure you check the bag for the correct ratio. (Except with a Instant Pot the ratio is always 1 cup water to 1 cup rice)

Rice Cooking Methods

Whatever method you choose, or let your child choose, know that you're giving your child a gift of independence and empowerment. If it fails a few times then you have given them the gift of knowing how to learn from their failures and keep trying.

If you'd like help teaching your child to cook then please sign up for my email tips and coupons, and consider a private cooking lesson for your child with me at Aloha Gluten Free.

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